New Album Available: “The Whole World Will Know”

Search on iTunes for “J Brian Craig” or pick up / download this CD at  Hear samples below.

The title is “The Whole World Will Know” and the theme is making world impact in the name of Jesus Christ through his Kingdom on Earth.

Some awesome musicians helped contribute to this  — Peter Wade (drums and vocals), Malcolm Turner (bass), Makoto Otsuka (electric guitar), Todd Gilmore (electric guitar), Jamie WilliamS (sax), John McLellon (electric guitar), Big City (rap), Paulette Spradlin (vocals), Betty Collins (vocals), Tom Cutting (bass), Tori Dozier (bass) and other singers from my local congregation.

Praises Heard Around The World – sample
The Whole World Will Know – sample
Rebuild The City – sample
Rejoice – sample
Everything Is Possible – sample
Here Am I Send Me – sample
The World Needs Love – sample
Salt For Salvation – sample
Every Knee Will Bow – sample
A Faithful Witness – sample
People Helping People – sample
For All Generations – sample
By Faith – sample

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