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Brian posts regularly at his blog, Monday Morning Music.  He shares what’s going on in his musical life, posts free MP3s, videos, chords, lyrics, and shares spiritual background for songs.  Check out the archives for back issues or do a search for a particular song you might be looking for.  Check this first post with an explanation and video about the blog.

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3 thoughts on “Brian’s Blog – Monday Morning Music

  1. Brian,

    Just returned from REACH 2016 in St. Louis – What an incredible experience!!!! I have loved your music for quite sometime and sincerely appreciate meeting you when you were in San Diego a couple of years ago. Your music and the band which you assembled for the Reach Conference touched my heart and soul and truly helped make this experience one which I will remember forever. I am a part of the worship team (guitarist) for the North County Church of Christ in San Diego (under the direction of Hector Toro) – I was wondering whether you will be coming here for a visit in the near future and inspire us once again with your amazing music and enthusiasm. May God bless you and your beautiful family.
    With much love and appreciation to you my dear Brother in Christ.
    Jeff Schermer

    • Hey thanks for the message Jeff! Hope I can get down to San Diego some time soon. God bless!

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