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Brian is a strong advocate for worship ministry and strives to share resources as much as possible.  All his own songs he makes available for free (sheet music, chord charts, lyrics, etc).  He also shares chord charts from other songs used in worship.  Just click on the menu bar above where is says “Resources”, or on the buttons below.  Or feel free to contact him with a specific request.





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12 thoughts on “Worship Team Resources

  1. Brian,

    Thanks so much for your MMM blog. I am the music ministry leader in Mpls, MN and your blog has helped our whole congregation more than you know. I’ve had a guitar in my possession for about 23 years, but never got beyond playing for a couple weeks at a time. I was able to get to a Worship Conference in Chicago about 3 years ago and it changed my life. I saw where our corporate and my personal worship was at and where it needed to go. Honestly, I hadn’t felt so challenged in years. So, the process began then and has continued since. I appreciated your “class” at the Miami workshop, too, about working with your evangelist. We have Steve and Kelli Saindon here and they are phenomenal, been super supportive and encouraging (and patient) in my growth process. Anyway, part of this has been getting convicted that I need to use my guitar. I pulled it out and dusted it off almost a year ago and haven’t let up since. And your blog has been instrumental (heh) in helping me. In a very real way, with your posts and video, you are teaching me to play guitar. I can’t wait for the day I can thank you in person.

    So, I’ve wanted to email my thanks for awhile now and when I got to a sticking point, I decided to do it. I have been trying to pick up The Whole World Will Know. I love that song, for awhile it brought tears to my eyes about every time I listened to it. I relate with David a ton. I’ve gotten the chord chart from your website and have been trying to learn it from the video you posted. Where I’m stuck is on the bridge, I see that you’ve got it capo’d on the 3rd fret and that’s where I get lost. I know you’re plate is super full and you probably get these requests a lot, but I was wondering if you could give me the tabs for chords to the bridge. Just a simple E0 A2 D2 G0 B0 E0 type thing would be fine.

    Thanks for considering this. Seriously, even if you can’t do it, I wanted to share my gratitude with you for you and your work in the kingdom. Its greatly appreciated, brother.


    • Thanks for your encouraging message, bro! Means a lot!

      Here are the chords.


      G / F/G / C/G / G

      G / F / C / G

      Eb / Bb / Ab / Bb
      Eb / Bb / D / D

      With the capo on the third fret the chords for the bridge are these positions

      C / G / F / G
      C / G / Bb / Bb

  2. Hey Brian,

    Just wanted to say how much I appreciate your song writing abilities! God has given you a great gift, and I am inspired!

    I also play the guitar and just started leading the Spanish praise band in the Northern Worship center of the Boston Church of Christ (a couple of years ago). I’m not Spanish, but love the Spanish guitar and through much prayer God has enabled me to write some songs in Spanish (with the help of the Latino brothers and sisters, and of course much prayer!!)

    I have a number of English songs as well and I’m working with our region’s praise team leader on possibly doing a couple of them, but all in God’s time.

    Keep up the great work and next time you’re in Boston, I would love to introduce you to my family and maybe we could get some time together? I used to be a Chef, so we can provide some tasty cuisine!

    God bless and take care!!


  3. Hey Brian,

    I like the new website. Thank you for everything that you do to help us lead worship in our churches. Please continue the good work.

    I do have a question, do you happen to have a chord chart for the song Trust and Obey? In the same feel or arrangement as the new “We Praise Thee O God” that I saw/heard you do on one occasion. I’ll try to figure out, but if you already have it, that would be great!

    Thanks bro!

    • Hey I’m so sorry, didn’t realize I had some messages on this space – just now getting your email from last fall! I definitely know the song – a Church of Christ classic from my childhood. I don’t have a chart in my file for it. But looking at the song book I would probably do it in E, same as We Praise Thee O God like you mention. So it would be

      E / E / B / E
      A / E / B / B
      E / E / B / E
      A / B / E

      B / E / C# / F#min
      B / E / B / E

  4. Hi Brian,

    I am hoping you can point me to a background track mp3 for “Anchor for the Soul”. The Dallas church would like to do that song in a setting where, unfortunately, there will be no instrumental musicians.

    Hope you can help,


    • I will email you a backup track for the song – sorry just getting your message.

  5. hello, Brother,

    I have the pleasure of leading the msuic ministry and i would like to do Holy prefect, always and forever. if you have a back ground track that would be awesome. At this present time we have no musicans on the pennisula. Thanks so much for all you are doing to help us raise the bar for Christ.

    • Hey bro – sorry I don’t have a background track at this time. But the song does work a capella as well – you should try it with your worship team and see what you think. Thanks for supporting music by disciples! I’ll let you know if I get a back up track.

      • I also have songs that i have written and have been encouraged to submit them for the song book any advice on how I can do that. I have set up sometime to get with Tony Martin to work on them.

        • That would be great to start singing your songs! Don’t know what the plans are for the next songbook – it might be a couple years, and we have to figure out the process of getting new songs in and typeset. So for now I’d say start singing them, refining them. Post youtube recordings – love to hear them!

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