My wife and I are directors for an annual singles conference that is coming up in just a couple weeks. The conference theme is “Imagine.” Chris Aleshin, a great performer, worship leader, brother from the LA Church wrote a conference theme song and gave me permission to post it. We scrambled to shoot this video (as my wife and I were on our way out the door to go teach a midweek – you can barely hear the printer in the background spitting out handouts) after he came over to teach me the song and work on it together. This is like the third time we sang it while Christ was making some final lyric choices, so this is a kind-of rough recording, but it will give you an idea of how the song goes. Very singable! We’ll shoot another video with the worship team this week when we meet to rehearse for the conference.


(Chris Aleshin)

When we all walk we’ll not grow faint.
And when we run we will not tire.
And we will fly on wings like eagles.
As He makes us a roaring fire.

We sense the angels hovering round.
Fanning the spark in us.
There eternal since you found us.

We will not sleep but we’ll be changed.
In just the twinkling of an eye.

The dead in Christ at first will share.
After the trumpet sound.
We’ll meet Jesus in the air.

Imagine how it will be
as my brothers and my sisters
all worship with me.
Imagine our savior we meet.
All our hopes fulfilled
and our faith complete.

Twenty four elders all fall down.
They cast their crowns before the throne
He’ll wipe away all of our tears.
There will be no more pain.
Only Jesus who will reign!

Imagine how it will be
as my brothers and my sisters
all worship with me.
Imagine our savior we meet.
All our hopes fulfilled
and our faith complete.

A D / A E (repeating)

E / D
A D / A E
E / D
f#min / E

A D / f#min E
A D / f#min E
A D / f#min E
D / E
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10 thoughts on “Imagine

  1. great job Chris. I’am so greatful to god for having in our lifes such a inspiration you are. Love Ted and Cyndi Rosario

  2. Brian and Chris, this song is great, and thanks for posting the Chords and Lyrics!

  3. Great song. I am Dennis Guda from Sydney Church of Christ. You guys are inspiring.

  4. Hi Chris,

    This is Anandi (old last name Krishnamurthi) whom you invited at Univ. of Cincinnati in 1984. I am in Mumbai now working in health research and go to Indian Church of Christ. I haven’t heard about you the last 22+ years. Please write back and thanks for inviting me.
    With love in Christ,

    • Anandi:

      How’s it going? With all the violence in Pakistan and all…

      Much Love,


    • Anandi:

      Hope all is well. Let me know how things are going for you. I just moved to Houston Tx. I was at the San Antonio conference last year and saw so many people from Cincinnati! (and other places I’ve been). I’m working in the Healthcare Industry now. Contact me at I’d love to catch up. You’re conversion is one, of many, I cherish!

  5. Love all your music brian, this song does start out a little slow and drawn out other wise great job

    • Thanks for the feedback – Chris Aleshin actually wrote this song, but yeah you are right — I think when we did it at the conference we actually hit the chorus a little sooner in the form of the song

    • I agree. This is the first time I’ve visited this site. The lyrics were slow for a congregational song and the chorus didn’t do it for me either. Thanks for your input. Chris.

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