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Brian is a strong advocate for worship ministry and strives to share resources as much as possible.  All his own songs he makes available for free (sheet music, chord charts, lyrics, etc).  He also shares chord charts from other songs used in worship.  Just click on the menu bar above where is says “Resources”, or on the buttons below.  Or feel free to contact him with a specific request.





New Album Available: “The Whole World Will Know”

Search on iTunes for “J Brian Craig” or pick up / download this CD at www.cdbaby.com/jbriancraig.  Hear samples below.

The title is “The Whole World Will Know” and the theme is making world impact in the name of Jesus Christ through his Kingdom on Earth.

Some awesome musicians helped contribute to this  — Peter Wade (drums and vocals), Malcolm Turner (bass), Makoto Otsuka (electric guitar), Todd Gilmore (electric guitar), Jamie WilliamS (sax), John McLellon (electric guitar), Big City (rap), Paulette Spradlin (vocals), Betty Collins (vocals), Tom Cutting (bass), Tori Dozier (bass) and other singers from my local congregation.

Praises Heard Around The World – sample
The Whole World Will Know – sample
Rebuild The City – sample
Rejoice – sample
Everything Is Possible – sample
Here Am I Send Me – sample
The World Needs Love – sample
Salt For Salvation – sample
Every Knee Will Bow – sample
A Faithful Witness – sample
People Helping People – sample
For All Generations – sample
By Faith – sample

Much More Than Gold

We were rehearsing this song for worship this Sunday and I thought we’d make a quick video recording for you, in case you’re not familiar with it.  Much More than Gold is a great song, written by Chris Aleshin a few years back for our annual singles conference.  I love the words and melody of this song.  Our church loves to sing it.  Give it a try in your congregation.



Here is the sheet music:    Much More Than Gold – sheet music

Here is a demo a capella recording:    Much More Than Gold – a capella recording


Much More Than Gold
– by Chris Aleshin

If I had a thousand wishes
For a future and a dream,
Couldn’t touch the edge of heaven
With all my imaginings.
All my puddles would be oceans,
And my seed would be a tree.
And my hill would be a mountain and
My God would be with me.

Much more than gold is the love of Jesus.
More than gold His strength and grace.
More than all the riches of this earth
When I see Him face to face.
Much more than gold is the blood of Jesus.
More than gold His strength and grace.
More than all the riches of this earth
When I see Him face to face.

There are times I’m close to you Lord,
And it’s at those times I’m free.
Then my eyes turn to this world and I
Am brought down to my knees.
Satan has his eye upon me
And he bids me to his side.
So I need you to remind me of
The reason Jesus died…

If I saw the land of heaven,
If I felt the hand of God,
If I heard the band of angels as
They sing and they applaud,
When I’m faced with a decision
To do battle with the wrong
As I start to fight with all my might,
They all break out in song…

A     /   A      / F#m  / F#m
D     /   A     /    E      /    A

D   E   /  A     /   D  E   /  A
D   E   /  F#m /  D  E  /  A